Please add video_width to streams endpoint

In streams endpoint stream object contains video_height but no video_width and streams not always 16x9
It good to also give video_width I think it is not hard to add

What’s the use case for this value?

livestreamer program twitch plugin stops works day ago.
Before, I have chrome plugin to open streams in livestreamer by context menu on twitch link.
Now, I modify this plugin to open streams in twitch player popout window. When I open window using JS I can give it size.
I want to get video_width and video_height by streams endpoint to open window with stream size and stream video will be not resized.

And it logically to have video_height and video_width. I think someone will use it for some another purpose.

Videos on twitch are a fixed aspect ratio, 16:9. The streams endpoint gives you the height of the video ie. 720 which you can then use to infer the width of the window you’re trying to open.
16/9 * 720 = 1280

Video Resolution: 1080 x 1080
I test it a minute ago

16:9 may be the most common but it’s not a requirement.

I thought that twitch enforced 16:9 ratio. I guess not.

I just tried to stream at 1000x1000 and it worked.

@ee_man Livestreamer still works. You just have to take a few extra steps. There is a reddit thread that helps with this.

For your current issue, you could also just choose a width that works for you. It doesn’t have to be the exact value the streamer sends. :slight_smile:

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