Possible bug in channel chat

This may be just for me, but I will put it up so others can see for themselves.

I was lurking in my own channel chat adding a few commands and editing panels etc, I cleared the chat using both /clear and the BetterTTV clear option, and then switched to a group chat room that I am part of as I got a message notification, when switching back to my channel chat I noticed that the entire chat came back and wasn’t cleared at all, after testing again by typing in some random characters and switching rooms, the entire chat was still there, untouched as if it was not cleared.

I can provide screenshots but I’m sure it makes sense
Can anyone else tell me if they are getting this, or is it just me?


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Did you test with BTTV disabled?

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I did test it after removing BetterTTV and it seems to be a bug using the extension, I have informed the Dev’s on GitHub, thanks for the suggestion <3

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