Problem with extension review

Hello, I sent a new revision version of the extension and I received a statement that the description referred to bits as monetary value, ok, I corrected and resubmitted the extension for review, the problem: the review part warned me that I need to change the description because it still refers to bits, but what happens is that the description has not changed in contraction (some problem with contraction is happening)

This is very exhausting, especially when it comes to only 1 person developing something, keeping costs and code, here in my country things are expensive to maintain, it’s been 6 days since my computer is broadcasting a still image that kind of thing is very bad and disheartening.

It is a bit of a known issue that review times can be long. Not really much we can do about it on the forums. Since we mainly deal with development issues rather than problems with reviews. Thats better handled not on the forums.

This post could thus be misconstruded as a advert for your extension.

And really didn’t need all these screenshots

In order to update your description you need to return the version to Testing, then save the version. That should get the description to update on the main twitch site.
Sorry for any confusion.