Social Media Extension

I’d love to see a Social Media Extension that makes following Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc as easy as clicking a button, rather than using panels that open up a new browser tab. If a user could just click on the extension overlay & then click the boxes of the social profiles they want to follow it would make the experience much easier for the user.

Something like what Gleam has for their giveaway entries, where it’s a very easy/simple process for the user.

Thats currently against the extension rules. And we are stuck until they change 'em

Oh man, that’s a real bummer. Thanks for the info, I was unaware.

Hey Barry, out of interest what’s the specific rule that prevents this?

The denial of release of my first extension


Off-site linking:
Video-overlay extensions may not contain links of any kind.
Panel extensions must submit a whitelist of domains requested for off-site linking.
Off-site links must be related to the extension’s core functionality.
Off-site links may not refer users to sites that deliver functionality effectively similar to that available on

And yes, the link in “My first extension” was related to the core functionality, but most links incentive leaving Twitch, so Twitch hammers it.

The rules are slightly vague, but “my first extension” was blocked from release due to a link to the Channel Currency store.

And I don’t think linking to a casters Twitter page counts as “core functionality”

I think the functionality OP was suggesting would actually be an embedded button as opposed to a link that would go off elsewhere. AFAIK, this would produce a pop up auth window as opposed to redirecting the browser. I’m assuming this would still fall under offsite linking though, which is a shame!

Thats “basically the same thing” as I was doing the same with my link (forcing a new window)

Also, a auth window may violate

Extensions may not request or require OAuth permissions from extension viewers.

And that still means doing stuff offsite which is the whole issue really. It’s really stupid as theres a tonne of stuff I want to do, but I can’ as it violates the rules, but half the stuff is half implemented in panels anyway…

I’m currently working on something much simpler, yet way more complex than it has to be - just embedding a twitter timeline as an extension. Since going straight to twitter’s embedded timeline is a no-go.

The concept is
Extension -> Amazon API -> AWS Lambda -> Twitter API

I’m learning everything as I go (primarily a c++ gameplay programmer) and I have everything working except for the adding to the extension front-end, where I’m bumping against security models. Is this just something you can’t do?

@pchan126 as far as I understand about what Extensions allow, as long as you build the tweets in your own backend you can create an AJAX call in the Extension to retrieve them. Is that something you have tried already?

Have a look at this, as an example that displays a Twitter timeline that has been approved.

Building the AJAX call is where I hit the security wall - you can’t just add a straight up call like $.get(“amazon.api”, etc, etc) to pull in the back end data. That gets squashed under Same Origin Policy

The example uses Vue, which is unfamilar - i’m just starting out. I’ll stare at it some more :slight_smile: I’m sure the answer is just something dumb I’ve overlooked.

So I try to copy from the javascript helper OnAuthorized example

window.Twitch.ext.onAuthorized(function(auth) {
        url: "https://xxx",
        type: 'GET',
        headers: {
            'x-extension-jwt': auth.token,

I get the Same Order Policy message. Does this mean there is a Extension setting that I have left out?

Ah ah. the missing CORS headers are server-side headers.

In a video overlay it is not possible as you cant open a popup period.