Suggestion to improve twitch chat

Twitch chat is already an amazing tool, but I honestly believe there’s room for improvement. The problem I see is that with bigger streamers, it becomes really hard to interact with chat because of the amount of people typing in chat.

Streamers have different philosophies on how they want to arrange their chat. Some use sub mode, some let people spam as much as they want, and don’t get me wrong, emotes spam in chat is part of what makes twitch fun to watch, because you get to see people’s reaction on what’s going on on the stream. The problem I see twitch chat has now is that the streamer has to choose one of these “philosophies”, and when he chooses a more “free chat”, it becomes really hard to interact with his viewers.

Now after a little bit of background and reasoning, my suggestion would be to allow streamers to set up different for the same stream. For example a big streamer like shroud, he could have one chat for spamming emotes, and another chat, on slow mode, for interacting, discussing and asking him questions.

Anyways, just a suggestion that might have been suggested already by many people. If this had already been suggested consider this a reinforcement for this to get implemented, and help people interact with their favorite streamers, without removing the essence of twitch chat.

This already exists. Streamers can create rooms, and set rules for those rooms as they choose.

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