Summary of personal requests

On chat:

  • Chat history from start of a live stream
    • The page is often refreshed from script, the chat history seem to disappear each time.
  • Clear and extended default emotes and emoticons.
    • Can’t make heads or tails out of the current emotes,
      so I avoid using them all together, which can’t be the goal.
    • Why not use standard smileys?
  • In full screen streaming view, a chat sidebar option.
    • Don’t have to add anything per se, but still being able to would be nice.
  • In a world of gifs and memes, I’d like to be able to avoid having to use words altogether,
    so default support for GIFS and static images in chat would be great!
    • Drag and drop would also be great for this.
  • Small pofile pics next to user names in chat.
    When streaming:
  • Overview of who’s watching (logged in and number of guests)
  • 240 and 360 degree view when streaming from your own channel. If you have the equipment,
    it’s nice to being able to use it once in a while.
  • Add sidebar in full screen, to which a streamer can also add his sponsors.

All suggestions/requests should be made on the Twitch uservoice