TMI Hosted List API Call Updating 9-30 Minutes after a Host

First, I understand that is an unsupported API from what I have read. That said, I also understand if this question goes unanswered :smile:

Users of a bot that I work on have noticed since the AWS migration that the host notification that we use has come in 9-30 minutes late. I investigated this by logging in the bot and hitting TMI via Chrome every few minutes after hosting my channel. I noticed that indeed it is taking anywhere from between 9-30 minutes for the JSON returned by to return the data indicating that the channel is hosted, before then it is just an empty hosts array ({"hosts":[]}).

Is anyone else noticing this? Or, of course, with my luck as soon as I post this maybe the issue isn’t happening anymore :smile:

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I am seeing some delay but not as bad as 9-30 minutes. But of course could be fairly transient

Thank you for verifying it wasn’t just me. Other users of a bot a work on are (were) showing 30 minute delays when they tested. Like I said, I understand it is not a supported API.

Thanks again!

I am also seeing a delay of several minutes in the API update. I have also noticed that the channels are not reliably getting the message “Such and such has gone offline. Exiting host mode.” Both of these were central to the auto-hosting feature I was using in my bot. I am hoping these features will be reinstated, but if not, c’est la vie I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Been seeing similar delays on my end. Takes about 30 minutes for hosts to show up in the TMI endpoint. Then it catches up with all missing hosts until that point in time. Anyone else still seeing this?

Exactly what I am seeing. Sometimes it is shorter than 30 minutes, but, yes.

I swear this started as channels were migrated to AWS. It could just be a coincidence though.

Sometime toward the end of march it appears Twitch put this API endpoint behind caching and we started seeing these delays as well. We’ve since switched our API permissions to ask for ability to login to chat so we can do hosts that way.

Yeah, I added code for that, to get it from chat - our bot is a standalone one which folks authenticate the application at first, not their direct Twitch ID. I am thinking we have to go that way.

I’ve also been having this issue for the last few weeks.
~20min average on api updates

Greetings, fellow black mage.

This was indeed a caching issue. I’ve just deployed a change to unify the caches, so please let me know if the issue persists. :smile:



Definitely will and will ask other users of our bot! Thank you so much!!

Yup! Things look a bit more snappy than they were before. Thanks!

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Yes, thank you very much! Snappy indeed! :slight_smile:

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