Trying to "Add Game" to org

Hey there.

I oversee all the games attached to our org (505 Games) via the dev dashboard. In the past it can take a few days to appear, but our latest request hasn’t appeared on my dashboard yet.

The game: Drawn to Life: Two Realms

The game does appear in the new database, and I can request it. I think it just needs to be approved. We’re getting close to launch and I have teams asking if I’ve updated the game art yet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any assistance!

If it’s needed, here’s the box art:

When did you make the request to add the game to your org? It was Thanksgiving in the US last week so there may be some delays as they catch up with any backlog they may have.

I first submitted Monday the 23rd. I did re-do the request, hopefully that didn’t sort it to the back of the line.

If there’s a backlog, then it will get sorted. I’m just trying to make sure the artwork gets added before launch next week.

I’ll pass this on to someone at Twitch who should be able to assist you, hopefully they’ll be able to try get it sorted before your launch :slight_smile:

I appreciate it!

This has been approved- thanks for the flag, @Dist!

Thank you both very much. Artwork is uploaded and we are ready for streamers to play next week!

@Dist @ConcreteEntree

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