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So, I can send and receive my requests just fine. The JSON returns and I get an attribute for profile image URL, but I don’t get any attribute for the profile banner image URL. Could anyone tell me how to go about getting that? Thank you.

For example: I use this request URL and set my headers

I get this as a response:
{ "data": [ { "id": "72750863", "login": "jweeks123", "display_name": "jweeks123", "type": "", "broadcaster_type": "affiliate", "description": "", "profile_image_url": "", "offline_image_url": "", "view_count": 853 } ] }

If you click on a user profile and look at the top, you see the profile banner. Where does that information come from?

Thank you in advance for any help.

The banner isn’t available through the Helix API, you’d need to use the deprecated v5 Get Channel endpoints which will give you a profile_banner field containing the URL for the banner.

If you have a use case for that data being made available in helix you should suggest it on UserVoice but honestly I don’t think the majority of users ever see those images, or even know they exist, so it may be that Twitch doesn’t intend to support them going forward (that’s just speculation at this point though).

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When performing a request using this info, I get this:

{“error”:“Gone”,“status”:410,“message”:“The API version you are looking for is in another castle. See”}

Does this mean, it just can’t be retrieved anymore?

You need to use the Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json header.

Kraken defaults to v3 (which has now been removed), so you need that header to request v5 (deprecated, but not yet removed)

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That did it. Thank you. Now I just have to integrate it all together.

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