Twitch doesn't display "\o/" message, even though the message is sent

It doesn’t give me any feedback at all, but I can see it being sent in another window as well as the raw IRC stream.

It’s likely interpreted as a command, due to the leading “”. I’ve seen the same thing happening with messages starting with a dot “.” and, obviously, a slash “/”.

But the message does get sent, it’s only my screen where it doesn’t appear.

It’s a weird bug/known issue that’s been floating round for a while. It’s already reported

It’s not a command parse attempt as it would throw an invalid command reaponse not a nothing

The slash is back to front for a command

That’s a JS 101 level mistake, frankly. Backslash is a nearly universal command character prefix; failure to handle it is… well… kinda shameful.

shrug Not much we can do but wait for the fix :smiley:

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