Twitch IRC event workaround?

hello guys,

is there any way to get join/parts plus special events (Like usercolor) at the same time? Currently i only get join/parts OR special events.

Nobody with any ideas?

My understanding is that most developers create 2 connections and use JOIN/PARTS from one and all the messages/special events from the other.

Or polling{channel}/chatters and diffing.

Thanks guys for your replay. No other “clean” solution?

2 Connections feels like wasting of performance … same for the tmi web stuff :frowning:

Hence why a modification to the current TWITCHCLIENT status is a highly requested feature. We’ll just have to cope with the ‘messy’ solution until it gets fixed.


Would love to see a version of TWITCHCLIENT 3 with join parts. Would save quite a bit of resources and reduce a number of wasted connections and bandwidth sending the data to the same bot twice.

At some point in the near-ish future, I will start a discussion about the future of the chat protocol. We want to define a better protocol to make it easier to add new features to chat without breaking backwards compatibility and causing too much of a burden on the server supporting many version combinations simultaneously.

For now, we’re still organizing our thoughts on the issue, but keep an eye out.