Twitch OAuth Redirection URL

Hi, as i’m working on the twitch extension, i need the OAuth token from the user. What i’ve found is i have to give a static URL for the redirect URL. So for my local dev its fine as i was using localhost to run my frontend. But when i went for the hosted test, it’s not working in that way. What will be the best way to do that? Any suggestion? Thanks!

The oAuth loop for an extension would be handled via your EBS.

So the redirect URI would be to your EBS, not to the extension frontend.

(This might work with implicit auth if you are talking viewer auth not broadcaster auth)

Additionally this wouldn’t work since you have no idea the URL that your extension will be on release. (The URL of hosted test will in most cases not be the same as release)

So you would have to route oAuth loops via your EBS for both viewer and broadcaster authentication. You know what the URI will be for your EBS.

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Thanks a lot! makes sense!