Unexpectedly long review time [Over Month]


I’m developer working on the Extension for MailChimp.

We’ve submitted the new version of the extension a month ago. There has neither been approval nor the feedback from the review team.

I’ve asked on discord channel but none could tell me exactly what went wrong here.

Can you help me to solve this issue?

The link to the new version: Creator Dashboard

Reviews take as long as they take. There’s no way to know what may be causing it to take longer than usual as the review team doesn’t disclose how long their queue is, staffing levels, or things of that nature.

Everyone is currently experiencing long review times currently, and any extension that edges into some of the grey areas of the Extension guidelines or Twitch’s Guidelines/ToS/Dev Agreement will likely need the review team to consult with legal which can significantly increase the review times too.

If you want to try reach out to someone, I’d suggest reaching out to developers@twitch.tv, making sure to include the client id of your Extension so they know which one it is, but I doubt they will be able to give much more information than the review process takes as long as it takes and while they try to meet their targets that can’t always be guaranteed as it depends on some factors out of their control such as how many other developers are in the queue before you.

Basically the forum will give you the same information you arleady got from discord.

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So it’s not just you. Recent time submission in discord is around 14 working days but again rough estimate and every extension is different