'user_name' in Get Stream response sometimes cannot be used as 'channel' to play in the embedded player

I noticed this live stream today has a user_name “Riot Games”. When I use it as ‘channel’ in the embedded player, it wouldn’t play. “RiotGames” without the space works. Maybe this specific case is a bug? Or we should reference something else as the ‘channel’. Please advise. Thanks.
“id”: “38366429088”,
“user_id”: “36029255”,
“user_name”: “Riot Games”,
“game_id”: “21779”,
“type”: “live”,
“title”: “Mid-Season Streamathon: LPL vs LCK Mid-Season Cup Semifinals”,
“viewer_count”: 43920,
“started_at”: “2020-05-29T23:02:15Z”,
“language”: “en”,
“thumbnail_url”: “https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/previews-ttv/live_user_riotgames-{width}x{height}.jpg”,
“tag_ids”: [

(p.s. as a temporary workaround, I’m skipping all the spaces)

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Thanks Barry -

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