Want to add custom browser course that changes images whenever there is a new donations

How can I access donation events? Have been working with eventsub for channel points but have just linked my paypal account to receive donations directly through there and I don’t see an event option like this in the docs. I want to create a dynamic image alert, so the regular streamlabs option isn’t sufficient. Has anyone done something like this before or have any advice?

As in Tips or Twitch Charity Donations?

Tips don’t come via Twitch so you can’t do that?

Twitch doesn’t provide tips/paypal donations.

So seem like you mean Tips which Twitch won’t proxy for you

Yes. I collect PayPal IPN into my server and then my server sends it to a HTML powered overlay.

TLDR: I built a custom “Streamlabs” system essentially (even if I’ve been around longer than SL has)

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