What is the limit on the amount of chats for moderator chat bots?

I have a chat bot for one channel.

My chat bots can answer questions on the channel, or send announcements to channel viewers via /w.

Until now, I have been using “Moderator” to operate the service without “Known Bots” or “Verified Bots”.

Not long ago, the chat bot changed to “Known Bots” and was reviewing the API. “Moderator” can send 100 messages in 30 seconds, but “Known Bots” is 50 times limited.

If so, which one of the “Known Bot” in the “Moderator” state does the maximum amount of channel messages follow?

It seems that there is no problem with the operation of the service even at the transmission rate of 30 times per second, but I am curious to ask about it.

The rate limit applied is the highest of the flags you have on the account for that channel.

Thank you for quick response! Have a nice day!

But you will exceed the rate limit, if you get unmodded at, for example, 70 and then send another; even if there was a notification that this happened, you could send that exceeding message while that notification was making its way to you. You can’t rely on a moderator’s limit unless you completely trust the channel owner(s).

Another point to make is that (and I’m speaking from years of experience running a large multi-channel moderation bot) there have been very few cases where more than 50 per 30 sec was justified for a single channel. Outside of tournament channels, you’re rarely going to find a channel exceed 60 messages per 30 sec from other chatters combined.

Point is (for known bots): if you’re a single channel bot, just stick to the 50/30; you don’t want the bot to even be able to take over the chat. If you’re a multi-channel bot, you have to stick to the 50/30 to stay safe.

Additional note: the only reason the higher limit exists (imo), is because (may no longer be the case) a .timeout or .ban was counted as a “message” against the rate limit.

So you can use the extra head room to dish those out, whilst maintaining normal command and response

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