Whispers not working through IRC to new person

There already is a topic where people were discussing something similar but a dev seemed to think this problem was fixed. After another person tried to bring it to their attention that it wasnt fixed and I also posted as well, the dev has not returned to the thread and its been over a week. This issue has been around a long time and somehow everytime a dev ends up thinking the problem is fixed and then moving on. It has been atleast months, if not over a year that this issue has been around. So let me explain the issue and hopefully someone can help us out here.

If you send a whisper using the web to a person you have never had a conversation with before, it works. However if you try to send a whisper from a non HTTPS IRC client to a person you’ve never whispered it doesn’t work. If you however receive a message first through the browser from the new person and then go to your client and whisper them, it works. This means that through the individual IRC client you are unable to start a whisper conversation with another person that you’ve never had a whisper conversation before. However after having at least one conversation (even if it was weeks ago) through the browser, it will then let you do it through the IRC client.

Hopefully that at least made a little sense sorry if I worded it poorly. If there is something I am doing wrong to start a whisper conversation since through IRC clients the method is “PRIVMSG #jtv: / w username message” please let me know. I know that there is some pubsub system that people bring up but that doesn’t do much for people with a standalone IRC client that they are using.

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In my IRC client (IRSSI) I just do .w person whoever in whichever channel I am currently in.

I don’t send to #jtv I send to #${currentroom}

That might fix your issue. Rather than sending to a room you are not in. Send to the room that you are in.

Thanks for the response Barry. While your idea was a great attempt it still did not work =( At first I thought you had found the solution to my problems after all these months haha. Sadly for some reason I can get it to post in the channel like regular but the moment I put the whole “.w username message” it doesn’t show up in the chat =( I even test the person receiving by using my browser and it still doesn’t receive anything. And both users were in the same chat and I was posting to that chat. Just nothing shows up sadly.

Thanks for the attempt though Barry.

If one of you is using TwitchApp/CurseApp I have observed that in some cases it doesn’t pop on the website, but does fire on TwitchApp (TwitchApp winning the “yay I received this” war and stopping website notify)

That said, via IRSSI, I only ever reply to and don’t initiate whispers. I don’t really send “unsolicited” whispers per sae.

I keep hoping one day I will check one of these many threads on this same topic and a dev will have found a solution to my problem!!

Many people have had this problem. It appears to be intentional as an anti-spam measure.
I’m not a huge fan of the idea, but so it goes.

Same stuff in here I use Tmi for my whispers and I am not able to send a message to a person that I ve never had a whisper with. Sad as I right now need to make my followers to write to bot before They would be able to interact with it. :frowning:

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