Asset Hosting UI: "This field is required" Panel/Video Overlay checkbox


What’s going on with these check boxes? I think they’re supposed to be true by default, but it looks like they are false. I say that because if you click on one you get a scary pop up box saying that if you change these settings it can’t be undone. It also says its a required field, when there already seems to be a selection.

Hey @BlueCloudDev,

This change is related to a new feature we’re pushing out today called Dynamic Anchors, which allow your extension to support both the video overlay and panel anchor points. Looks like you’ve found a bug and we’re having the team look at it now.

Edit: Post now live here:

In the mean time, if you back out to your main dashboard page and re-enter your manage screen for this extension, the error should be fixed. Please let us know if this is not the case!