Developerrig - cant add new Products

I have the problem, that I can’t add new Products in my developer rig :frowning:

If I click “Add Product” a new line appears. After fill out this line, I press on the “Save All” button. But nothing happens. There are no errors or something else. Absolutly nothing happens.
If I leave the “Manage Bits Products” Tab and come back, the new product is not in the list.

How can I solve this problem?

Have you already created products in the Rig before? How many are already in there?

Yes, I have 29 active products (created some months before). They are used in my released Extension.
Additionally I have 3 depcrecated products.

Now I just want to add new products.

If you open your browser’s developer tools, is there anything related in the console output?

Hi, generally there are no errors in console.

But if I press on the Save-Button I get a warning:
“Quellübergreifende (Cross-Origin) Anfrage blockiert: Die Gleiche-Quelle-Regel verbietet das Lesen der externen Ressource auf (Grund: CORS-Anschlag schlug fehl).”

“Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The same-source rule prohibits reading the external resource at (Reason: CORS attack failed).”

That is an unrelated warning that is always safe to ignore. To ensure this isn’t a sign-in token problem, please choose “Sign Out” from the drop-down menu and sign in again.

Yes, I tryed it to logout and login again.
But still cant add new products.
(Tested in Firefox and Chrome)