Cannot complete Organization Tax preparation paperwork for extension as an affiliate

I have already looked in the Monetization and Twitch dashboard sections for the solution, and have filed a ticket with Twitch support

After creating my Twitch Developer Organization, I have attempted for hours to complete the Easy 5 minute on boarding" portion to complete my extension developer application process. The option is simply not there. After adding a new account to the orginization and trying to find it through there, I am also not seeing any option. I filed a ticket with support last week and no one ever answered. The twitch developers discord said this is a known issue with registering with an affiliate account. Can someone please assist me?

This isn’t an issue we can help with.

You may want to open a ticket with Twitch Support instead and/or wait for their reply.

I’ve already done that. They were the ones who sent me here. :rage::rage::rage:

Ironically the developer forums cannot help with developer onboarding…

As it’s all tax/private data

Sorry if I seem angry. It’s just that I’ve spent literally like 5 hours over the course of 8 or 9 days trying to complete the “Simple 5 minute onboarding process”