How to find out if a user was timed out via IRC

So I’ve been looking around and I have been trying to find out if Twitch sends any type of command to the IRC client about users being timed out or banned. I have come across some information saying that there will be a CLEARCHAT in the data that you receive. I have tried many different things to try and see this “CLEARCHAT,” but I have had no success. Im starting to think the information I have read was very outdated. If there is a way to determine if a user has been timed out or banned I would greatly appreciate a solution if there exists one by IRC.

You need to use TWITCHCLIENT 2 or 3 to see jtv sending all those messages. When you use TWITCHCLIENT 3 you will see special messages like this:

:jtv! PRIVMSG #cereth :SPECIALUSER samosir subscriber
:jtv! PRIVMSG #cereth :USERCOLOR samosir #B22222
:jtv! PRIVMSG #cereth :EMOTESET samosir [155,1019]
:samosir! PRIVMSG #cereth :Why is it raining some sort of oil on the screen :S

and when someone gets timed out it will read:

:jtv! PRIVMSG #cereth :CLEARCHAT mrassassin123

Take note that using TWITCHCLIENT will spam you a lot.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I was currently only aware of the twitch irc is there another server that I can connect to to receive this information.

It’s still the same server. You need to send a raw command “TWITCHCLIENT 3” for example. Depending on your client it would be “/raw TWITCHCLIENT 3” or “/quote TWITCHCLIENT 3”

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Oh thank you that solved my problem very much appreciated.

It’s also available via TWITCHCLIENT 1; so basically any mode for now.

Here’s an overview for TWITCHCLIENT:

  • 1 (default), enables QUERY messages from “jtv” containing user information (sub/turbo/staff/admin, colors, emotes), bans, host target, …
  • 2 same as 1 but NO join or part messages at all in channels
  • 3 same as 2 but shows information in CHANNEL instead of query (so you can associate the message to a channel)

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