How well-known twitch bots are deployed?

I want to deploy a twitch bot on a website, but I have no experience with that type of things. Are there some resources to know how to “ask for user connection, then automatically add the bot as moderator…” ? Also, which site are you using for the deployment ? Do you have some advices for a cheap and reliable host ?

Thanks !

Website and bot are two very different things.

Bots are long running scripts or services.
Websites, generally, only run/exist when a user calls/loads the page.

I don’t, I get the caster to mod the bot manually.

Since theres no API for “give the user mod” you would have to get some “dangerous” permissions from the streamer that they don’t want to give out.

And if there was an API I still wouldn’t ask the caster for this permission due to the streamer generally not wanting to hand control of the channel (and it’s mods) to a bot.

What do you mean “site”?

Cheap and reliable often do not go together.

Cheap often comes with rules and restrictions.

I prefer bare metal dedicated servers. Currently using OVH

Thanks for the reply, appreciated !
So, if I sum up : I could use OVH (as an example) to run my bot, the streamer should add manually my bot as a moderator. Sounds good to me.
Do you have something (a website ?) to advertise your bot ? Also, which OVH bare metal cloud (price) are you using in your case ?

No. Since I’m generally not looking for public sign up.

I do have a control panel though.

That control panel is gated behind a twithc login to allow mods to login and control commands.
So you could use the public facing site as a regular product site to display features/pricing/information/etc

I spend about 50/60 USD for a box which likely doesn’t exist in their current product line up. So not the cheapest but the next level up dedicated box

Ok, thank you so much for your help ! Have a nice end of day !