I can't view stream/videos from earlier this year on Twitch

So earlier this year (Late Early March~) i was watching a streamer called Criken play BOTW ( not live).I decided to take a break, so i bookmarked the video, but now i tried to watch it but it just wont work. If i try the Bookmarked page it says the video is unavailable, and if i look at his past videos i can see May 2017 streams but nothing earlier in 2017. Can someone please help me.

If i put this in the wrong topic sorry.


This is the bookmarked page link

This forum is for 3rd party Twitch developers, https://help.twitch.tv/ might be more appropriate for general Twitch help. To answer your question though, as far as I’m aware only highlights are saved indefinitely, where as past broadcasts from users or affiliates are stored only for 14 days, or for Twitch partners they are stored for 60 days.

Sorry about that, i saw some forums concerning past videos/streams and thought this was the appropriate place to post this.
If videos only last 14 days then why can i see videos from before 2017 etc ?]

Also I started watching the videos 2 weeks after the live streams started,

You mentioned Criken, he’s a partner so past broadcasts are retained for 60 days. If you look at his video list Twitch there is a dropdown box, anything that is in the highlights section will always be available, but things that are a past broadcast and not a highlight will be removed after 60 days. If the VOD you bookmarked was never made a highlight, or reuploaded, then it will expire if too much time has passed.

Ah that explains it thank you for your help, and sorry for wasting your time