Is the helix twitch API compatible with Webflow?

I’m trying to create a banner that says “Live Now” with a link to my twitch stream on my website and I want it to appear my stream is live and disappear when I’m not streaming. Sounds simple right? Well unfortunately, webflow doesn’t allow you to do any backend programming as it only permits HTML, CSS and javascript. From what I’ve read, the older twitch API version allowed users to request data without using authorization tokens but helix requires authorization. The twitch documentation says

“App access tokens are only for server-to-server API requests. The grant request below requires the client secret to acquire an app access token; this also should be done only as a server-to-server request, never in client code.”

The authorization token must be server-server and I am unable to do this through webflow. I have a client ID but I don’t know how to get an access token for webflow. I saw an option where twitch will require the user to log in before proceeding which would be fine but I can’t figure out how to incorporate that either. Is it possible for me to use only HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jquery to access the twitch API?? Here is an (outdated) example of what I’m hoping to do. Thanks in advance!

Every time a user visits your website,

they would be prompted to login in order to check live status

Which is bad practice and users probably wouldn’t bother.

So it’s not “compatilble” with webflow, as you need a backend to do this sort of stuff efficently.

Otherwise you are looking at implicit auth

see this example: just swap the /user lookup for a streams lookup instead.

I appreciate your quick reply! I went to your link and clicked the implicit auth link ( and also looked at the github link but I didn’t see the /user lookup thing that you mentioned. Could you clarify what you mean? Thanks!

Either look at the source code in your browser

Or the direct link to the related lines

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