Just starting, unable to create new project. Dev Console gives error

component.tsx:304 Error: service error: {“response”:{“data”:{“createExtensionClient”:null},“errors”:[{“message”:“service error”,“path”:[“createExtensionClient”]}],“extensions”:{“durationMilliseconds”:118},“status”:200},“request”:{“query”:"\n mutation CreateProjectWizard_CreateExtensionClient($extensionName: String!) {\n createExtensionClient(input: {\n name: $extensionName\n redirectURI: “https://localhost”\n }) {\n client {\n id\n createdAt\n name\n }\n error\n }\n }\n",“variables”:{“extensionName”:“testing”}}}
at e. (index.js:286)
at index.js:137
at Object.next (index.js:67)
at o (index.js:19)

This is after I click “Next” on the first step of creating a new project. I was able to create a new project the very first time , but after the 3rd step the Dev Rig said there was an error. Now I can’t create one at all.

Common gotchas include

  1. Node is not installed
  2. Node (and NPM) can’t be found in path
  3. Trying to create an extension with Twitch in the name

Also consider creating one with a more “unique” name than “testing”