Official way to grab stream source directly?

I’m looking at writing a Roku app so that I can watch Twitch on my Roku TV. Previously, there was only a single app on the Roku marketplace for Twitch. It was recently removed and now there is no way to watch Twitch on my Roku TV.

Roku apps are pretty simple to code, and there is a built in video player. The video player just needs to be able to load the stream from its source URL. I can’t seem to find any way to locate a stream’s direct source through the API, and have been told that it’s not officially supported. The only supported method of watching Twitch on another platform is through the official embedded browser player.

The problem is that the Roku environment and API does not include a browser - there’s no way to use the only official means of watching Twitch.

Is there an unofficial way of grabbing the stream source, or could Twitch make an exception for a Roku player? Twitch was literally all I watched on my TV and now I can’t watch it.

Yup there is no official way to get the Stream URL to play it rawly.

Your best bet is to ask Twitch to make an official roku app via the uservoice

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