Up/down streams webhook posts are severely delayed

I’ve set up a webhook for the up/downstream notifications when a user goes live and it works, send me data etc…

the time it takes to post a notification to me is quite random, and sometimes it’s taking 10 mins to post me a notification that I have gone live or offline.

I thought it might be weirdly tied to the lease_seconds but its still very random.

I also have an issue where, when I go offline, no notification is sent, this is a random occurrence.

Usually stream up is ~3/4 minutes delayed

And Stream Down is 6 minutes on the nose delayed.

So to confirm you are seeing delays outside of that?

I’ve not seen anything out of hte ordinary and part of my core systems are based on webhooks. Is there any issues with the server you are using (perhaps DDOS protection could be kicking in?)

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