TWITCHCLIENT 1 twitchnotify subscriber

Is this going to be fixed back into TWITCHCLIENT 1 anytime soon? I hear different things. Not having join/parts on 2/3 means I have to run two clients for collecting join times and another for subscriber messages.

Which client are you using?

I’m using mIRC as my client

Just use the same client but with 2 connections. No need to open a 2nd client for that.

on *:connect:{
  if ($me = nick1) { twitchclient 1 }
  elseif ($me = nick2) { twitchclient 2 or 3 }

Then use /scid and /scon

Yeh that’s the solution I currently have. Would just like it if twitch would fix a bug they confirmed months ago.