Upload bitrare problems

Hello Twitch,

I’m writing this message because there is a problem with my upload bitrate. I have checked with my ISP and

everything seems to be ok, both download and upload speeds are according to contract.

I have a 120 megabit connection down and almost a 9 megabit connection up.

The problem is the following, I can’t raise my upload bitrate in OBS over 2500 kilobites per second because I

will start to lose frames because upload is insufficient.

Since I have tried to get this fixed with my ISP and couldn’t get anything done, may I ask you Twitch to help me

understand what is wrong, is it something related to a Twitch server?

Please help me solve this issue as soon as possible.

All best Migas68

If you mean kilobytes (kB), then that’s no suprise, as 9 Mbit is approximately 1125 kB. Otherwise I suggest you post your question to /r/twitch, as this is the Twitch Developer Forums.

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