Video overlay extension is not taking up the full width of the video player

As you can see in the image, there is a class that is outside of the extension code that I can manage, called extensions-video-overlay-size-container.

This container does not take up the full width of the video player

I saw other overlay extensions without this problem.

The video extension fits to the VIDEO in the black box.

Your video doesn’t go to the full width of the black box and thus your extension doesn’t

Thank you very much!

Guys, I need your help! I´m searching for a video alert extension for my channel like the soundalert extension. Do you know such a extension and can you tell me where I can find it? Thank you very much for your help!!! ex360

First this forum is more for seeking help building extensions, not for which extension to use.
Second you just necored a post that is over a year old

sorry, brand new on twitch. :mask: