Whitelisted Bot - What are the limits?

I was told one of my bots is whitelisted via Twitch support, and they recommended I follow up here for some details on the limits for my now whitelisted bot, and more specifically the channel join limits, message limits (For mods and non mods), as well as any whisper limits that I may have. It would also be beneficial to know if these limits are based on IP, or connection.

Depends what kind of Whitelisting you got.

The only whitelisting I know of that people can get is the “don’t shadow ban my bot when I send unsolicited whispers” whitelisting

The whitelist for whispers and channel messages is the same. Originally it allowed for 500 messages in 30 seconds and you are less likely to be shadow banned from sending whispers. I don’t recall if it allowed for a higher JOIN/auth limit or not and the exact whisper limits will probably never be disclosed.

Channels messages = limited by connection
JOIN/auth = limited by IP
Whisper = limited by user account (?)

Is there a reason for the lack of disclosure on whitelisted bots? I can understand non-whitelisted bots for the reason of spammers: But whitelisted accounts have been vetted manually by twitch staff at some point and shouldn’t enable spammers insight as their accounts would never be whitelisted.

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