Disjointed sub and streak messages for Prime subs

So I’ve noticed that after the cumulative sub tenure changes in Feb, there appears to be a disconnect between triggering the Prime sub and the viewer getting to send their resub message. I’ve been seeing heaps of prime subs go through with msg-param-cumulative-months=0 but they also have a 3/6/12 month sub badge.

The same thing happened with my own prime sub, I used it on a channel (that i have a 3month streak on) and the no streak message went into chat immediately, so I checked my subscriptions page and and it showed that my next sub anniversary wasn’t for another 22 days. I think in the previous month I didn’t use my resub message when I used the sub and used it a bit later instead, and the resub message seems to tied to that.

I’m just looking for a bit of clarification on what the intended functionality is going forward. Is the anniversary for Prime subs now going to be permanently disjointed from the time of subscribing for most users? Is it set to that date, or if I don’t trigger the message immediately will it change? If I don’t use my sub on that channel for a month and then sub again later will my sub anniversary still be on the same day or will it reset to the day I subscribe?

I’ve only got one prime sub once a month so I can’t really just test the behaviours myself, would appreciate some clarification.


I’ve seen a mix of both, there are some prime people whom (re)sub then 30 seconds/a minute later share their streak, or cases where the streak is shared and five days later they (re)sub or vice versa.

Something is awry.

Or could be people waiting to share their sub, either way it’s odd to have the messages seperated

Yeah I thought maybe it was just temporary to stop the flooding of resub messages when the changeover happened, but it’s been more than a month now and it’s still happening so I figured I’d ask and see if I can get to the bottom of it.

From the Twitch FAQ:

Q: Why are my Sub Anniversary and Sub Renewal dates sometimes different?

A: Because we are shifting to a model that counts the actual days you’re subbed, any previous gap that we are bridging at launch potentially will add extra days to your subscription tenure. Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to share a resub message whenever you reach your sub anniversary if you are still subscribed.

My thoughts:
The anniversary date should always stay the same, depending on your first sub day, to synchronize it with sub badge changes.
Whenever a prime sub is activated, this is the “sub renewal date” and Twitch triggers the “new sub alert” in chat.
This is also the case when someone in manually starts a paid sub after the last one ended.
That’s why subscribers with autmatically renewing subs won’t get those new sub messages and just share their resub on the anniversary.

This seems to have been quietly changed in the last day or so, no longer seeing any 0 month prime subs, it looks like they’re all coming through with the correct tenure at least (but I think no streak or message still). Would still love some clarification on what the intended new behaviour is.

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