How do we preview our "Mobile View" while still in testing phase?


I have the latest version of my extension in testing phase, with “Yes, my extension supports mobile” checked, and the path to my html file placed. Previewing works fine on desktop, but cant seem to get it to show on my mobile phone. Advice is appreciated! Thanks

I had a question about this too. I have been able to see my extension on my phone using the Twitch app occasionally, but for whatever reason the puzzle piece seems to get shown or hidden. For example, like 7 hours ago, I was able to test my extension, but right now I can’t see the puzzle piece.
Some of my friends, however, have been able to test the extension, so I have no clue what causes the puzzle piece to be visible or not.

Update on this. Reinstalled the Twitch app and I see the puzzle piece now and am able to test my app.


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Can confirm, fixed for me as well

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As part of the rollout of mobile extensions, we had to disable the ability to see extensions in older versions of the mobile app.

For others who may be running into this issue - make sure you are on app version 6.0 or greater to view extensions on mobile!